Episode 068 | Common complaints we hear from property investors

It has been some time since our last episode on investing and mindset framework so this time, Bryce and Ben will be unpacking the common complaints they hear from property investors. Here are the top 9!

  1. Wrong asset
  2. No buffer in place
  3. Mentoring was actually salesmanship
  4. Not maximising tax depreciation with Quantity Surveyor
  5. Solo sport
  6. Self property management (Check out Episode 31)
  7. Poor cash flow management (Check out Episode 3)
  8. Not starting early enough
  9. Selling


Apart from that, they will also be sharing some insider information on ‘offers’ they’ve received from property spruikers out there, Labor’s debate on negative gearing and the changes on foreign buyer stamp duty. Also, if you are interested in the BMT Tax Depreciation Application Form mentioned in this podcast, just fill in the form below and we’ll send it to you right away:

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Other resources mentioned in this episode:


PS: We’ll also be holding a Live Q&A Event on Wednesday, 29th of June at 8:30 pm. Check out our Facebook page for more information!


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